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Within each section the most recent articles are listed first, the oldest last. The numbers in brackets indicate the Newsletter Editions in which they were published.

To take you speedily to your area of immediate interest, please start by selecting one of the following four index sections:

  1. Instructional articles of permanent interest;
  2. Articles on mountaineering exploits, indexed geographically;
  3. Our Photo Archive.
  4. Everything else, indexed by subject matter.

Section One:
27 Instructional Articles on Mountaineering
all of permanent interest

(234) Naismith's Rule -- by John Hardwick
(234) Bergundsteigen Magazine -- by Marian Anghel
(232) WELTbewegend Foundation Alpine Skills Course -- by Leanne and Andrew Mills
(230) When it all goes wrong ... -- by Mike Garrett
(230) Emergency Rescues in Austria -- translated by Irene Auerbach   from Berghauf 01/2021
(229) Make better decisions in the mountains -- by Will Legon   Be aware of heuristic traps
(229) A Beginner's Guide to Scrambling -- by Will Legon
(228) Glenmore Avalanche Course -- by Graeme Ralph
(227) What is Ski Touring? -- by Ben Clayton-Jolly
(222) What to do in an Emergency Outdoors -- by Will Legon
(215) A Taste of the Mountains -- by Tony Cooper  Dining in ÖAV Hüttes
(214) The George Starkey Hut -- anon
(214) Why Kleenex is for your nose, not your other end -- by Irene Auerbach
(213) Nature Protection in the Alpenverein -- by Tony Cooper
(212) AAC(UK) Mountain Bike Group -- by John O'Connor
(210) Booking overnight places in huts -- anon   in Austria
(209) Environmentally Friendly Travel to the Mountains -- by Tony Cooper
(209) Rock Climbing -- by Mel Owen  Please organise Meets
(208) Help track Biodiversity! -- by Tony Cooper
(206) The Return of Lynx, Bears and Wolves -- by Tony Cooper
(206) Safe Mountain Walking in the Alps! -- anon
(205) Alps under Pressure -- translated by Tony Cooper
(#) Risk & Safety in the mountain environment -- by Mel Owen
(#) Mountaineering Skills: use them or lose them! -- by Mel Owen
(#) Klettersteigs (Via Ferratas): An Introduction -- by Mel Owen
(#) Windchill Mythology -- by Mel Owen
(#) Mapping Errors -- by Mel Owen

(#) These five articles were published on our Club's previous website but they never appeared in a Newsletter.

Although never previously web-published, the following is the content of a Powerpoint presentation made to the membership at the 2011 AGM
AAC(UK) 2011 Membership Survey Report

Section Two:
Mountaineering Exploits

23 in the British Isles

(234) A permit for Scotland -- by Jean Scholes Cycling
(231) Glan Dena and Patterdale: reflection and forward planning! -- by Tish Woulds
(229) 3 Peaks and 500 Miles -- by Chris Loy   Lecture by Alasdair Robertson
(229) A Tale of Lockdown and Corruption of Youth -- by Stewart Carrie   Scottish Ski Touring
(223) Welsh 3000s - 28th June 2019 -- by Heather Smith   A Mountain Marathon
(223) Mourne Mountains; the Denis Rankin Round -- by Dean Russell   Fell-Running in Ireland
(223) Mountain Biking in Hawkshead -- by Liz Flavell   The Lake District
(223) Winter Skills at Glenmore Lodge -- by Oliver Proudfoot  Training in Winter Mountaineering
(222) Negotiating weather systems in Glencoe, March 2019 -- by Paul Marginson  Practicing Scottish Winter Skills
(222) Skye Haiku -- by Andrew Clarke   Pictorial Poetry
(221) Dragon's Back Challenge. -- by Matthew Myerscough and Michael Murray  A continuous traverse of 190 Welsh mountains to raise money for Mountain Rescue
(220) Beddgelert and Moel Hebog -- by John Cairns  Snowdonia
(219) Sarah's Walks in Kintail in April 2018 -- by Tish Woulds
(219) Winter Skills Course in Glencoe in February 2018 -- by Will Legon
(218) High Winds for a New Year -- by Tish Woulds  Snowdonia
(217) AAC Coniston Meet December 2017 -- by Jackie Coe
(215) AAC(UK) Scottish Spring Meet 2017 -- by Ian Thomas  Corpach, near Fort William
(211) Highlands in the Spring -- by Paul Marginson & Tish Woulds
(211) A week in the Skye Cuillin -- by Ian Thomas
(211) A British Odyssey -- by Robert Nock   A Peak Bagging Trip covering Scotland, England and Wales
(209) Wild Camping Weekends in the Moelwyns -- by John Hardwick  Wales
(208) Wintry conditions in May - and the end of an era? -- by Tish Woulds  Glencoe
(207) Sunburned in the Cairngorms -- by Paul Marginson

72 in Austria

(234) Intermediate Ski Tour, Tuxer Alpen -- by Charles Clay
(234) Snowshoe Tour, Obernberg am Brenner, Tirol-- by Diane Perry
(233) Walking the Zillertaler Alpen-- by Sean Macken
(232) Gletscher, Ferner or Kees?-- by Leanne Mills
(232) Flying low in the Kaunertal-- by Nayeli Urquiza-Haas
(231) Return to the Ötztal-- by Rob Griffith
(231) Hospitality at 6000+ feet-- by Irene Auerbach based on Berghauf article by Peter Neuner
(231) A gem towards the east-- by Irene Auerbach
(230) Return to Weiβkugel-- by Peter Finch
(230) Round and about Groβglockner-- by Diana Rayner
(230) Trekking through history: the Karnischer Höhenweg-- by Kath Checkland
(229) Mountain Biking adventures-- by Damian Tow ( - and in the UK)
(229) The Stubai Rucksack route - my first Austrian adventure-- by Peter Anderson
(227) Stop-Go 2020-- by Jacky Rix-Brown
(227) Snowshoeing Improvers course-- by Kevin Thomas
(226) Snowshoeing in Obernberg am Brenner, February 2020-- by Chris Loy
(226) Trekking alomg the Eagle's Way-- by Mark Peterson
(225) Ötztal 2019. Heat Wave! What Heat Wave?-- by Jeremy Robbins
(225) Brenta Dolomites September 2019-- by Leonie Cann
(225) Beginners' Klettersteig Course-- by Ian Thorpe and Molly Joffe
(224) The Snowshoe Alternative -- by Trevor Smith  Easier than ski touring
(224) Lizumer Hütte Ski Adventure, February 2019 -- by James Severance Club Training
(224) Basic Off-Piste Training in the Stubai -- by James Coley and Wendy Dodds Club Training
(223) Ski tour in the Ötztal in March 2019 -- by Leanne Mills and Michael Prowse
(223) Basic Skitouren Course, Jamalhütte, Silvretta -- by Drew and Leanne Mills
(223) Basic Ski Touring Course February 2019 -- by Charles Clay
(222) Senior Ski tours still alive and kick(turn)ing! -- by Jacky Brown
(222) Frans Senn and Ötzi man -- by Martin Joffe  Mountaineering History
(221) In the Footsteps of Smythe -- by Stuart Rees  Mountaineering History
(221) An Austrian Ötztal Odyssey? -- by Jeremy Robbins
(220) Rescue from the Goldberg Glacier -- by Elkie Kammer
(220) Bergferein at the Gufferhütte -- by Jane Ascroft  Introducing Children to Mountaineering
(220) Good omens in the Ötztal -- by Geoff Bennett
(220) Austrian Alpine Huts -- by Irene Auerbach
(219) The 2018 AAC(UK) Silvretta Ski Tour -- by John Marjot and Annabel Hurley
(218) Austrian Ski Traverse- Trans Alp III -- by Steve Kentish
(217) Mountaineering Villages (Bergsteigerdörfer) -- by Tony Cooper
(217) Alpenverein-Akademie Klettersteig training course -- by Cheryl Law
(217) Basic Alpine Skills Training in the Ötztaler Alps -- by Lynn Sloman
(216) The Schladminger Tauern-- by John Hardwick   Hut Tour
(216) Ötztal Ski Tour 2017-- by Gerry Kenny
(216) Übungsleiter Ski Hochtouren Lizumer Hütte 2015 -- by Gerry Kenny, Piotr Kupiszewski, John O'Connor, Maia Stoilova   Ski Tour Training
(216) Ötzi, the lce Man -- by John Marjot
(215) More challenging Snowshoeing at Heidelberger Hütte 2017 -- by Chris Loy
(215) Basic Snowshoe Course 2017 -- by Ruth Griffin and Anne George  Innervillgraten
(215) The Peter Habeler Runde -- by Graham Jameson  Zillertal Alps
(214) Pressed for time in the Ötztal -- by Simon Gwyn Roberts
(214) Off Piste Training Course 2017 -- by Juliet Strang and Charles Clay   Axamer Lizum
(213) The Top of the Stubai Alps -- by Thue Pontoppidan
(213) Via Ferrata, vie ferrate, klettersteig - whatever! -- by David Symonds
(213) Grossglockner for Oldies -- by Graham WiIloughby
(212) Basic Alpine Course in Stubai -- by Vicki Meilrakki
(212) Otztaler Alpen 2016. An octagenarian Reminiscence -- by Chris Marshall
(212) Alpine Running Meet Lizumer Hütte, September 2016 -- by Oliver Blaydon
(212) Glockner Runde -- by David Cleare
(212) The Trail of an Eagle -- by Jacob Cline  Lechtal Alps
(210) Transalp snowshoe tour through the Tirol -- by Anya Coulthard
(210) AV-A Ski Touring Day Tours -- by Josh Towne
(210) Climbing and skiing in the Dachstein -- by John Marjot
(209) Alpine Skills Course -- by Allan Petrie
(209) Those were the days.... -- by Bern Hellier  Dachstein Alps
(209) Around the Gosaukamm -- by Sue Bramall
(209) Walking the Kamische Höhenweg -- by Iolo Roberts
(208) Stubaier Höhenweg Tour 2015 -- by Jeremy Robbins
(208) Youth is Not an Age -- by Alex Elliott  Guided Ski Tour
(207) AV-A Ski Course in Silvretta -- by Michael Weindling
(207) Wildspitze, Ôtztal -- by Marian Anghel
(207) Snowshoeing in Obernbergtal -- translated by Janet Britnell
(207) Transalp on snowshoes -- by Peter Hinds
(206) ÖAV Sektion Britannia in the Wipptal -- anon
(166) Alpine Training Course - Summer 2004 -- by Malcolm Imhoff

30 elsewhere in the European Alps

(234) The First Tour du Mont Blanc? -- by Simon Cane
(234 The one that got away - Piz Bernina-- by Colin Lawson   Switzerland
(232) A family hut tour in the Texelgruppe, Südtirol, Italy-- by Rob Staples
(231) Aletsch: glacier travel for beginners-- by Nigel Phipps
(230) Climb to the roof of Italy-- by Peter La Marsh
(230) Tour du Mont Blanc 2016-- by Rob Ward
(228) Chamonix Rescue-- by Denis Hicks
(228) Tour de la Bessanése -- by Nigel Phipps
(228) Around and About in the Dolomites -- by Robert Carson
(228) A Walk across Three Countries -- by Martin Joffe Italy, Austria, Germany
(227) This Beating Heart -- by Ellie Stewart
(227) Fire and celebration at Refuge de Platé -- by Mark Charlton
(226) Defereggental and the Schober group -- by Mark Jolleys
(225) A Grand Day Out in France -- by Neev Renton
(225) The Ortler: Reaching the Roof of the Eastern Alps -- by Paul Marginson
(225) Climbing the Learning Curve in the Pyrenees, Écrins and Saas-- by Clare Cummings
(224)Cliffhanger Tour with Old Ferratas -- by Graham Willoughby   Dolomites Tour
(222) Vallée Blanche on ski -- by Scott Wakefield
(222) Ski Tour in the Dolomites -- by Wendy Dodds and Nic Lavery
(220) Lake Bohinj to Lienz -- by Molly and Martin Joffe   Hut Tour in the Julian Alps
(220) Winter Alpine ski traverse - Trans Alp IV -- by Steve Kentish
(220) Breathtaking Beauty in the Dolomites -- by Sue Boardman
(216) A Tale of Two Tours -- by Graham Willoughby and Paul Marginson   Italian Alps
(214) Verwallgruppe - A hidden gem -- by Peter Hinds
(213) Walking Tours in the Alps -- by Judy Robertson
(212) Walking and Skiing in the Val d'Anniviers -- by Paul McGuire  Switzerland
(210) Mont Blanc 2015 -- by Peter Blizzard
(209) Dolomites Ski Tour March 2015 -- by John Hardwick
(205) Via Ferratas in the Brenta Dolomites, Italy -- by Jim Kelly
(205) Verwallgruppe - a hidden gem -- by Peter Hinds

14 elsewhere in Europe, outside the Alps

(234) Expedition to Kyrgyzstan, 2021-- by Tom Davis-Merry & Alex Metcalfe
(232) Discovering the mountainous Hellas (Greece)-- by Pantelis Kevrekidis
(224) A thin line between Love and Hate -- by Chris Green  Adventures in Bosnia
(222) Greece in September 2017 -- anon
(220) Three Amigos Attack Andorra -- by Doug Meadows
(216) Trekking in the High Tatras through Poland and Slovakia -- by Sue Boardman
(216) As the Crow Flies -- by Nigel Braggins   Eastern Pyrenees
(216) Backpacking in the Spanish Pyrenees -- by Ted Ashby
(215) Swedish Wonderland -- by Ian Blackwood
(213) Backpacking in the Picos and Pyrrenees with my daughter -- by Nicholas and Violeta Brooks
(210) A walk in the Cordillera Cantabrica -- by Minna Graeber   Spain
(210) Los Gringos Esquiadores -- by John Hardwick   Spain
(208) Ibónes del Pirineo September 2015 -- by Christopher Loy
(207) Spring in Sardinia -- by Jackie Coe

48 outside Europe

(234) Baglung Parbat Footbridge, Nepal-- by Ryan Ashley
(233) Mount Kenya rescue, 1970-- by Jim Whittell
(233) Attempt on unclimbed K13-- by Juho Knuuttila
(233) Hiking the Kungsleden Trail-- by Caroline Galvan
(232) Everest Base Camp Trek 2020-- by Adrian Davies
(231) Back on Track in Tasmania-- by Jenny Marsden
(230) Mt. Kenya 20-70-20-- by Jacky Rix-Brown   with input from Brenda Sandilands
(229) The Non-Attempt-- by Andrey Golovachev   Kyrgyzstan in winter
(229) Backcountry Skiing, Jackson Hole, Wyoming-- by James Severance
(229) Escape to – and from – Morocco-- by John Light
(228) The Kailash Kora-- by Peter Finch
(228) Rongdo Valley, Ladakh, India-- by Todd and Donette Swain
(227) The Chilkoot Trail, Alaska-- by Carolyn Smith
(226) Trekking in the Simien Mountains, Ethiopia-- by Elsbeth Robson
(226) Exploring the South Lachama Khola-- by Derek Buckle
(225) South-East Renland in Greenland-- by Tom, Niall, Cameron and Neil
(225) A Family Adventure on the John Muir Trail-- by Nathalie Vriend
(225) British Yarkhun Expedition 2019-- by Jasmine Tours
(225) Tengkangpoche 2019-- by Juho Knuttila
(224) Getting away from it all in Kamchatka, July 2019 -- by Fiona Turner
(221) Exloring unclimbed 6,000m peaks in the Mulung Tokpo valley, Zanskar -- by Tony Westcott   Indian state of Ladakht
(221) Only Wolves and Horses -- by Jon Burgess and Rob Reynolds   Unclimbed Peaks in Kyrgyzstan
(219) Sunlight and Storm in the High Arctic -- by Jim Gregson   Greenland
(218) British Shimshal Expedition 2017 -- by George Cave   Northern Pakistan
(218) A Pensioners' Day Out -- by Richard Haszko   Italian Alps
(218) Bhutan -- by Carrie Polhill   Trekking
(218) British Arjuna Expedition 2017 -- by Ben Silvestre   Indian Kishtwar Himal
(217) First Ascent of Korlang Pari Tippa - Home of the Yeti -- by Brian Jackson   Nepal
(217) First Ascents Not To Be Sneezed At -- by Drew Cook   Eastern Karakoram
(215) Far West of Nepal Expedition -- by Simon Verspeak (with Rebecca Coles)
(214) Himalayan dreaming? -- by Susan Jensen
(214) Ski Mountaineering in the High Atlas -- by Stewart Carrie
(214) Exploratory Mountaineering in the Eastern Karakoram -- by Michael Cocker
(214) Peak Communism, Tajikstan 2016 -- by Cameron Holloway
(213) Saga Tours to Mount Kenya! -- by Fiona Turner
(212) British Hunter Foraker -- by Ben Silvestre   Alaska
(210) More Border incidents! -- by Phil Harley   Czechoslovakia
(210) 2015 Zanskar Expedition -- by Derek Buckle
(209) Trekking in Kyrgyzstan -- by Yvonne Daly
(209) Muzkol 2015 Expedition - Tajikistan -- by George Cave
(208) Kyrgyzstan ski toura -- by John Vincent
(206) Nar Phu Peak 2014, an unclimbed peak in Nepal -- by Rhiannon Thomson
(206) Telthop 2014 -- by Chris Horobin
(205) Tibet 2014 -- by Christina Crowther
(205) Polish Standard visits Everest Base Camp -- by Ian Blackwood
(205) Muzkol, Tajikistan Pamirs -- by Simon Verspeak
(182) 4 in 1 - AAC Himalayan Meet 2008 -- by Malcolm Imhoff
(170) Washington Shores and Summits -- by Malcolm Imhoff

Section Three:
Our Photo Archive

The Annual Photo and Sketch Competition Results are available elsewhere on the Club Website.

Here are audio-visual presentations by Malcom Imhoff of the results for the years 2008, 2007, 2006.

All of the Photo Competition Entries for the 3 years 2014-2016 are available, filling 9 webpages/year.

In addition, here are four audio-visual (movie) presentations created by Malcolm Imhoff:

Section Four:
Everything else, indexed by subject matter

Brief Overview of Previous Club Meets

UK MeetsOverseas Meets

17 Book Reviews

(234) Wanderlust Alps by Mark Charlton
(234) How Hard Can It Be? by Mark Charlton
(232) ALPENGLOW: The finest climbs on the 4000m peaks of the alps by Ben Tibbetts
(231) A Feeling for Rock by Sarah-Jane Dobner
(230) The Alps: A Human History from Hannibal to Heidi and Beyond by Stephen O'Shea
(227) Patterdale: Helvellyn,Fairfield and the east by Mark Charlton
(225) The Alps - A Natural Companion by anon
(225) Alpenglow by John Allan
(225) Scotland's Mountain Landscape - A geomorphologcal Perspective by Liz Murdoch
(217) Ski Touring and Snowshoeing in the Dolomites by Dave Brown
(217) Scrambles in Snowdonia by Dave Brown
(214) Trail Running: Chamonix and the Mont Blanc region by Oliver Blaydon
(213) Walking in Austria by Peter Hinds
(211) The Life of Felice Benuzzi by Rory Steele
(208) Mountain Bothies by Fred Nind
(207) Matterhorn anon
(206) Everest - The First Ascent anon

18 Hut Fund Reports

Spring 2022Autumn 2021Winter 2020Spring 2020Winter 2019Spring 2019Winter 2018Autumn 2018Summer 2018Winter 2017Autumn 2017Summer 2017Winter 2016Summer 2016Spring 2016Autumn 2015Summer 2015Spring 2015

Full Details of 22 Austrian Huts

Franz-Senn-Hütte 2417mStubenberghaus 1445mBreslauer Hütte 2844mHockjock Hospiz 2413mBerliner Hütte 2044mChemnitzer Hütte 2176mBlaserhütte 2176mBremer Hütte 2413m Austrian Tribulaunhütte 2064mWestfalenhaus 2,273mWinnebachseehütte 2,362m Starkenburger HütteStüdl Hütte 2802mSalmhütte 2644mInnsbrucker Hütte 2369mSiegerlandhütte 2710mHeinrich-Schwaiger-Haus 2802mRauhekopfhütte 2731mHohenzollernhaus 2123mGlorer Hütte 2642mGeraer Hütte 2324mLandshuter-Europa Hut 2693m

Illustrated Descriptions of 22 Flowers of the Alps

Orchids at altitudeSilver ThistleAlpine EyebrightAlpine Moon DaisyAlpine RagwortAlpen RoseBearded BellflowerBlack Vanilla OrchidButterball Globe FlowerEdelweissGlacier crowfootMeadow cranesbillMossy SaxifrageMountain AvenMountain vetchPoet's DaffodilRound Headed RampionSpring GentianSpotted GentianStemless LousewortSticky PrimroseTrumpet GentianValerian

11 describing the Celebration of our 70th Anniversary

(220) Rudolfshütte 70th Anniversary Meet July 2018 -- Anon
(218) A Brief History of the ÖAV -- by Allan Hartley
(218) Enter the British - Walter Ingham -- by Allan Hartley
(218) Henry Crowther (Heinrich Karl Krausz) -- by Christina Crowther
(218) My first experience of an AAC tour in 1950 -- by Molly Gilbert
(218) My Debt to the Österreichischer Alpenverein -- by Mel Owen
(218) Jim Munday's nostalgia -- by Jim Munday
(218) Early Memories of AAC(UK) -- by Jacky Brown
(218) The AAC(UK) Hut Fund -- by Janet Britnell
(218) The AAC(UK) Expedition Fund -- by Diana Penny Sherpani
(216) 70 Years Young! -- Anon

In Addition: There is a set of photos taken by Richard Denby during the Rudolfshütte 70th Anniversary Meet on 4 webpages.

Catering Recipes

(231) Marillenknödel (apricot dumplings)
(230) Mohnnudeln (Polly Seed Noodles)
(216) Linzer Torte

Environmental Issues

(233) Extacts from the annual report of ÖAV Nature Protection Department
(230) Building Back Greener
(223) The Climate Crisis
(223) Receding Glaciers
(217) Flowers and wildlife in the Picos de Europa
(216) 2020+ Strategy for Austria's National Park


(233) Hauptversammlung 2021
(229) Hauptversammlung 2020 – postponed to 2021!
(225) Hauptversammlung 2019
(221) Hauptversammlung 2018
(217) Hauptversammlung 2017
(213) Hauptversammlung 2016
(209) Hauptversammlung 2015
(205) Hauptversammlung 2014

Club Management Articles

(233) AAC(UK) Management Team 2021-2022
(233) Activities Weekend and EGM/AGM, Snowdonia, 5-7 November 2021
(229) Club Management Team 2020-2021
(229) EGM and AGM 7th November 2020
(228) Club Sales Advert
(225) AAC(UK) 2019-2020 Management Team Members
(225) A Glimpse of the Club's New Membership System
(225) AGM Weekend November 2019
(224) Online Shop – Club Sales Items
(222) The George Starkey Hut in Patterdale
(208) Free Alpine Courses for Young Members
(207) North West Region Activities
(205) Blueprint for the Future


(233) Kev Reynolds
(233) David Aspden
(230) Daphne Pritchard
(229) Michael Gage Farlow Wilson
(228) Marilyn Hartley
(227) Roger Phillips
(227) Clive Charles Mitchell
(226) Ken Stacy
(226) Arthur Smythe Henderson
(226) Jim Cox
(217) Keith Walker

Everything Else

(234) Third Time Unlucky! -- by Jacky Rix-Brown
(232) Reflections -- by John Banks
(216) Fighting Depression with Boulders -- by Laura Holdswort
(212) Alpine Worldwide Service to the Rescue -- by Gerry Becker
(211) Hat Knitting -- anon
(208) Edward Whymper, the Father of Mountaineering -- by Graeme Wallace
(205) Mountain Leader Profile: Rebecca Becky Coles -- anon

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