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Online Edition of the Spring 2022 Newsletter

May I first of all say WELCOME! to all new 2022 members, and THANK YOU! to our loyal band of people who renew their membership year after year. We are so grateful for this support, which has enabled us to keep the Club running through the pandemic. But we do need as much support as we can get; as a direct result of Covid our membership fell from 16,000 to 6,000 and, for the continued success of the Club, we’d love to try to get back to something approaching the pre-Covid number.

This newsletter is going out to all those who were members in 2021 as well as those who have already renewed or joined for 2022. If you haven’t yet renewed, it’s very easy to do through your My.Britannia account; just register and/or log in on the new website, aacuk.org.uk. You’ll then be ready for an Alpine holiday, and you’ll also be able to access the whole of the website, which has all the details of our tours, meets, training courses and other activities.

Elsewhere in the Newsletter you’ll find a report about the Hauptversammlung, the AGM of the wider Österreichischer Alpenverein with its 601,000 members in local sections all over Austria (as well as our UK section and our fellow ‘Ausland’ section Flandern). The Alpenverein’s management body is the Präsidium to whom the office in Innsbruck is answerable. Fundamental matters of Alpenverein importance are, however, decided by the Hauptversammlung, mostly in response to recommendations from the federal committee, the Bundesausschuss, a group comprising the seven members of the Präsidium plus 18 representatives of the Landesverbände (Provincial associations of the Alpenverein sections) and a representative of Alpenverein Jugend, all of whom are elected by the Hauptversammlung. The two Ausland sections together send one representative to sit on the Bundesausschuss and, until the end of 2021, our own Janet Britnell performed that role for four years with willing dedication. She has handed over to our colleague from Sektion Flandern, Bart Vercruyssen, and he will be in post for the next four years. Janet will still be closely involved with the Alpenverein’s management, however. She is our Hut Fund expert and representative and, as such, she is invited as a guest on the Alpenverein’s Hütten-u. Wegausschuss (Huts and Paths Committee). This enables Janet to stay in touch with all the hut projects in the Austrian Alps, so that she can make proposals for the UK section’s Hut Fund to be allocated wisely. The Alpenverein, and especially the teams at the various huts which benefit from our contribution to their renovations, are extremely grateful for our help. Or, rather YOUR help, because this work is dependent on our members generously offering donations to the Hut Fund on top of membership subscriptions. Thank you to our members, and thank you to Janet.

A report of the EGM and AGM and activities weekend held at Plas y Brenin 5-7 November 2021 is included in this newsletter. Also, you’ll find a list of current Board and Activities Team members. We only have four part-time office staff, all the rest is done for love of the Austrian mountains and for outdoor activities of all sorts. Our volunteers help out because they are keen to share the work in promoting mountain enjoyment, especially in the UK and Austria. We are always keen to hear from any member who can offer some time by applying to join one of our groups focussing on activities, communications, risk and safety, or finance and IT, or by supporting this work in some other way. If you would like to get involved, all you need to do is contact the Office.

AGM 2022
The 2022 AGM is likely to be in November. We had such a good time at Plas y Brenin that we’ll run the weekend in the same way (though possibly in a different place for a change of environment). The focus will again be on activities, training sessions, and the main meeting, as well as a warm social vibe and a celebratory dinner. Venue details will be announced in e-news and on the website as soon as we know.

(obituary in autumn 2020 newsletter). A commemoration and celebration of Roger’s life is planned for 14 May 2022 in Bentley, Hants. Members wishing to attend are asked to contact Sandy Phillips as soon as possible at sandya.phillips@btinternet.com.

ITEMS FOR THE SUMMER NEWSLETTER We always welcome contributions from members on any aspect of activities covered by the Club. Often these are reports of expeditions but other items such as training course reports, tours, meets, walks, technical articles, general descriptions of mountain areas, book reviews, historical notes, environmental concerns are equally valuable. Please don’t be bashful – the newsletter editor will help resolve any concerns you may have. Copy date for the summer newsletter is 1 April. Contact aac.newsletter.editor@aacuk.org.uk or the Office.

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