Antibiotic Resistance

It has become widely accepted that the more we use antibiotics the less effective they become. But there are two equally possible causes:

  1. It has been widely claimed that the cause is due to bacteria evolving to survive in the presence of antibiotics. But how can bacteria here in rural Cambridgeshire evolve to overcome the antibiotics used many miles away elsewhere? This is most unlikely, if not impossible. However, if this were the cause, the answer would certainly be to throw a lot more money in the direction of the pharmaceutical industry.
  2. Or the cause could equally as well be because we have encouraged our bodies to build up a resistance to the effects of antibiotics. In this case, what is needed is a complete roll-back from our current policy of prescribing antibiotics on every conceivable occasion, even if it upsets the drug industry.

My own personal policy has never to even start taking prescribed antibiotics, but to keep my body antibiotic-free; it has worked.

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