Background History

Catastrophic solar flares accompanied by coronal mass ejections and a massive electromagnetic pulse (EMP) could happen at any time, giving us very little notice. They are highly targeted and one of them could very easily be aimed at our planet.

The last major coronal mass ejection to hit the Earth, known as the Carrington Event, was a powerful geomagnetic solar storm in 1859, and statistically, was probably the biggest in 500 years. Its EMP caused telegraph lines to explode, setting fire to some telegraph offices, and electric power to fail across Europe and North America, (and there wasn’t much electric power anywhere else in the world at that time). [Since Alexander Graham Bell didn’t invent the telephone until the 1870’s, this 1859 Carrington Event was way back in the days of morse-code telegraphy systems.]

In today’s far more advanced and technological world, the effects would be far more devastating since an EMP would destroy all unprotected semiconductors, which are now built into everything. The only ones to escape destruction would be those semiconductor systems which are securely housed, unconnected to the outside world, within Faraday Cages. We know this beyond any doubt because the very much weaker EMP produced in nuclear bomb tests in the Nevada desert have very certainly totally destroyed all unprotected semiconductor-based infrastructure over a remarkably wide area, specifically in areas otherwise untouched by any other bomb effects, leaving all non-conductive infrastructure, animal and plant life unaffected.

What the future most certainly holds for us

At some indeterminate time in the unforeseeable future, in anything from next week to a hundred years or so hence, we know beyond much doubt that our planet Earth will certainly be zapped by one of the solar flares that have hit our planet previously, long before our dependence on modern electronics. The following will be the inevitable consequences if nothing is protected by being totally enclosed in Faraday Cages, but these consequences are so serious that the world is choosing to turn a blind eye to them, since there is no solution.

The Future of the Human race.

What steps could central governments throughout the world take to minimize the risk?

Faraday Cages

A Faraday Cage, named after Michael Faraday, the world’s greatest early electro-physicist, is a complete metallic enclosure, impervious to electromagnetic radiation. If it is breached by the necessity for electrical connections to the world outside, such as to the driver of a road vehicle or train, or to the pilot of an aircraft or skipper of a ship, it will not work. Access to radio communications or GPS signals would also breach the essential security. Fibre optics offer no solution since either the LEDs which originate the signals, or the semiconductors which receive them, would have to lie outside the Faraday Cage to be useful and would be immediately fried. Faraday cages are structures which sound excellent in theory, but their practical application is far from obvious. And anyway, currently, very little if anything is so protected.

The most obvious place for Faraday Cages is within the wall and roofing structures of theatres, cinemas and similar auditoriums, since they are impervious to mobile phone signals. School classrooms and examination halls are other obvious candidates, and so too, in the eyes of many, are restaurants.

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