The Chamois Mountaineering Club

This unofficial website lacks the authority of the "Chamois Mountaineering Club Limited" (or "The Chamois Club Limited". Its two purposes are:

  1. To bring out into the open a personal vendetta that has been based entirely on lies. This is factual, not personally critical. Those responsible have laid the Club open to a charge of wilful defamation of character and libel.
  2. To blow the whistle on an unacceptable accumulation of wrong-doing that has been allowed by the Club Committee to go on unchecked for far too long. This is factual, not personally critical. Unable to challenge the revealed truth they are determined to destroy the whistle-blower.


The first of the two aims defined above can be resolved very easily, but it is not down to me to resolve the second one:

  1. I completely and unhesitatingly forgive the vendettas that have been waged against me, personally, by Andrew Jackman and Judy Wilshaw, aided and abetted by several other members of the Club. Each of the two pages exposing them will be removed as soon as its perpetrator publicly accepts my forgiveness, allowing the slate to be wiped clean.
  2. It is not in my power to forgive the remaining malpractices, since they were carried out by the Committee against the membership as a whole, not against me personally. It must therefore be for the whole membership to unite in forgiving the Committee.

I never respond to personal criticisms in kind, any more than I initiate them.


The Introduction Page explains how and why this website became necessary and fully justifies its continued existence.


The Disrepute Page catalogues some of the occasions over the last couple of years when the Club has brought itself into serious disrepute.


The Mutualisation Page provides irrefutable proof that turning the Club into a Mutual Society was wholly unnecessary and has brought no tangible benefits.


The Democracy Page describes the way in which the Club Committee quite deliberately and openly trampled on democracy.


The page on Andrew's Feud describes Andrew Jackman's highly personalised, bitter and vengeful feud.


The page on Judy's Feud describes Judy Wilshaw's highly personalised, bitter and vitriolic feud.


The page on the Club's Decline describes the way in which the Club is declining towards oblivion.

Your Views

The page on Your Views provides you with the opportunity to have your own views published.

Most Important to note

The evidence published here of wrong-doing first appeared well before the 2014 AGM. Throughout this long period of publication, readers have been warmly invited and encouraged to challenge the revealed truths and to have their uncensored criticisms published verbatim herein for all to read. This offer is still available to all on the Your Views page. Had anyone been able to challenge the claims published herein they would surely have gleefully seized such a heaven-sent opportunity and done so, but there has not been a word (yet) from anyone. Draw your own conclusions.

Wrongdoers who cannot challenge the evidence vindictively turn on the whistle-blowers.

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