The destruction of Planet Earth
and the extinction of Homo Sapiens

We are currently addressing only the obvious immediate visual causes of climate change and global warming, and ignoring the underlying root cause. We all agree that had Homo Sapiens never evolved, Planet Earth would not now be facing its current problems. We are the cause. But what is it about us that is the cause? The answer is the sheer overwhelming number of us.

The population density of Homo Sapiens on Planet Earth had been stationary at around 1 bn for countless thousands of years. But then in around 1800, about 200 years ago, the introduction and growing ascendancy over our lives of the Medical, Surgical and Pharmaceutical Industries led to it increasing from 1 bn to more than 7.4 bn. The evidence that this steep rate of rise is not slowing down is that average worldwide birth rates are not falling, and our life expectancy continues to edge upwards. This suggests that in around another 200 years or so, the population density of Homo Sapiens on Planet Earth might double. But what will this mean?

If our population doubles, we will need:

But where is all of this land going to come from? The answer is not obvious.

There is another critical issue that we are also ignoring. Another direct consequence of the growing ascendancy of the Medical, Surgical and Pharmaceutical Industries is that it has completely overturned the hitherto-immutable Law of the Survival of the Fittest on which the successful evolution of all plant and animal life depends. As a direct consequence our gene pool is being increasingly damaged, which can only lead eventually to our extinction.

Here is another example (out of many) of the Law of the Survival of the fittest at work: pairs of geese on our local river produce 10-12 goslings each year; most die young, well before they can breed, which is why they need to produce so many.

The immediate conclusion is that the Medical, Surgical and Pharmaceutical Industries are both destroying Planet Earth and driving Homo Sapiens towards extinction. But hang on! Wait a minute! In fairness, we need to take one step back and ask ‘why?’

The underlying problem is the dogmatic, selfish, self-righteous insistence of each and every one of us to live for as long as possible and as healthily as possible, paid for by someone else, dressed up (possibly tongue in cheek) as caring for our fellow human beings.

There is no politically acceptable solution. Obediently following the Law of the Survival of the Fittest henceforth is politically out of the question. Although we openly practice eugenics on our domestic pets, horses and livestock, it is universally considered to be totally unacceptable to apply it to ourselves. All we can do is to just silently shrug our shoulders, content that we who are alive today will not live long enough to experience the consequences.

A BBC TV mini-series in the middle of 2016, repeated in 2017, featured the Waorani tribe in the jungle region of Ecuador. The two most striking features about the near-naked tribesmen depicted, (to which no attention was drawn by the programme makers), was their very obvious robust good health and their equally as obvious complete contentment with their lot. And yet this was presumably a tribe bereft of doctors, surgeons, hospitals and pharmaceuticals. Where have we gone so dreadfully wrong?

What is essential is to ensure that the Medical, Surgical and Pharmaceutical Industries are not allowed to intrude on the lives of these third world natives, since from them, in several thousands of years’ time, might spring our eventual successors.

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