A Highly Recommended Diet

My body weight was fixed at 13 stones from the time I was aged 16 until early in my 80th year. The only temporary changes were when sailing on an ocean cruise, when my weight climbed a little, but soon descended back to normal on arriving home.

All has now changed.

A newsletter article recommended a dietary regime that I have successfully followed. Within a week of starting it, my weight fell to 12 stones where it has remained ever since.

My main meal of the day remains as it always has been, a salad or cooked meal in the evening at around 6pm.

I then go 17 hours without eating anything, until enjoying my only other meal of the day, a bowl of porridge at 11am each morning. Towards the end of this long abstinence from food, my body needs energy from somewhere, so gets it by burning any body fat it can find. I encourage this by going for 2 to 3 hour walks after getting up each morning, as long as the weather is acceptable.

It is important never to graze between meals.

There is always a down-side to everything. As a direct rssult of my new successful diet, I now need to wear a belt with each pair of trousers, but I can easily put up with this minor inconvenience.

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