Obtaining People’s Opinions

We do not enjoy freedom of speech in the UK. There is harassment everywhere, such as that of J K Rowling. But we still have freedom of thought, no-one can ever take that away from us.

But although we certainly do enjoy freedom of thought, without freedom of speech we dare not divulge what we honestly think on any subject. Instead, whenever asked what we think about something, we pause to reflect on whether it is safe to give an honest answer, or whether it is wiser to give whatever is currently considered to be the most politically correct answer of the day, after taking into account any known personal prejudices of the questioner.

The only way to establish what our population really thinks about any subject is to ensure that our individual answers are non-attributable. This is surely a statement of the obvious. I would dearly like to see it become the norm.

I suspect that if it was to be laid down that no-one taking offence at the expressed views of anyone else on any subject, would be eligible for any compensation whatsoever, the complaints would quickly dry up, proving that they are being driven by compensation greed.

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